Family Law

With a team of the top Family lawyers in India, we deal with :-

  • Matters relating to Marriage and its Registration
  • Matters relating to Divorce, dissolution of Christian, Muslim & foreign marriages.
  • Matters relating to Guardians and Wards Act.
  • Matters relating to Hindu adoption and maintenance Act.
  • Matters relating to Special marriage Act,1954.
  • Foreign Marriages Act, 1969.
  • The Indian Succession Act,1925.
  • Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  • Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act,1956
  • Christian Marriages Act,1872
  • Marriage Validation Act,1892
  • Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce ) Act, 1986
  • Dowry Prohibition Act,1961
  • Child Marriage Restraint Act,1929.
  • Divorce Act,1869
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